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Get the WordPress Security Team off your Back

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Are you tired of dealing with the security team’s constant reminders about out-of-date plugins and want to focus more on the content side of your website? Get the Security Monkey off your back with ServicePress – the ultimate Website/Content Management application for WordPress Multisite Networks.

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Security Monkey on your Back
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Simplify and Secure Your WordPress Management

ServicePress is designed to streamline the management of your WordPress environment, providing comprehensive insights and tracking for a more secure and efficient network.

What can it help with?

  • Comprehensive Plugin Tracking: Gain visibility into which plugins are installed and their active versions across all sites in your network.
  • Enhanced Reporting: Get detailed reports that highlight potential security risks and streamline the user experience for administrators.
  • Security Audit: Address security concerns head-on by identifying out-of-date plugins that pose a risk to your network. ServicePress helps you maintain a secure WordPress environment, reducing vulnerabilities.
  • Enterprise Integration: Connect WordPress, the world’s largest CMS platform, with ServiceNow, enhancing your enterprise capabilities.
Total Software Counts
Total Software Counts

Who Can Benefit?

  • Universities: Manage network sites for students, faculty, and departments with ease.
  • Managed Service Providers (MSPs): Set up each site for different clients, allowing specific user access as needed.
  • Publishing Industry: Manage multiple publications like magazines and newspapers, each as its own site, with ease.
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Why Choose ServicePress?

Managing a single website can be time-consuming, but what about managing 10,000? ServicePress is built to handle the complexities of large WordPress networks. It reduces manual labor and provides a seamless experience whether you’re managing single sites or a vast multisite network. 

With ServicePress, you’ll have insights into:

  • Post Types
  • Users and Roles
  • Themes/Plugin version and status
  • Core system updates
Post Type Count
Post Type Count

Focus on what truly matters – your content – while ensuring your WordPress network is secure and up-to-date. Embrace a new level of efficiency and security with ServicePress, and make website management a breeze.

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