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7 ways save time & money WooCommerce Inventory

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Time is Money!

Every hour spent keeping your inventory up to date via manual tasks, is an hour not working on productive tasks or items requiring brain power over clicking around. You want to allow automation to do its job, so you can do yours. Below are a list of seven items that can be improved to save time and money using ServicePress: a WordPress and WooCommerce Integration for ServiceNow.

WooCommerce - Time is Money
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Seven Ways

  1. Automatically reduce inventory stock in WooCommerce from ServiceNow
    • Sync WooCommerce Inventory to ServiceNow’s Product Catalog
    • Requested orders on ServiceNow (eventually Bidirectional) provide a reference number for the user
    • Once the Transfer Order takes place in ServiceNow, WooCommerce will receive the results from the updated requested item
    • Depending on the order information sent, the WooCommerce inventory will decrement the stock value and add in the total order price and details
  2. Correlate ServiceNow users and orders with WooCommerce Store
    • ServicePress keeps track of each user for every WordPress site. If a user happens to have different user accounts that are slightly different or exactly the same, ServicePress will import all accounts associated with that ServiceNow user.
    • Maintaining multiple orders for the same user in ServiceNow to keep track of Entitlements and for Customer Service.
    • Manage your Transfer Orders or Purchase Orders for each requested item
  3. Multiple WooCommerce Stores in ServiceNow
    • Allow ServiceNow users to Request items from multiple WooCommerce stores
    • Keep track of separate inventory based on different domains, whether Top Level Domain or Subdomains with multiple stores.
    • Allow for different stockrooms or stores to transfer to.
  4. Stockroom and Vendor Management for WooCommerce
    • Each store has their own Stockroom
    • Stock can be transferred from the “Store” to any other location
    • Alternatively, ordering from a vendor can allow to replenish or prepare for a holiday or special
  5. Pop-up Retail self contained stores
    • Direct Shipment to Customers from Vendors
    • The “Stockroom” is your self contained store.
    • Each store can provide customizations or variations
  6. Monitor changes in products, quantity, and variations
    • Define ServiceNow rules that can send notifications on changes to inventory
    • Dashboard for displaying data around products and quantity
    • Setup approvals and new vendors for each WooCommerce store, all in ServiceNow.
  7. Unified Experience with less Swivel chair
    • Having to swivel chair from ServiceNow to WordPress/WooCommerce or transfer tasks between different fulfillment groups to process the changes, is a waste of productivity and efficiency. ServicePress uses the WordPress/WooCommerce APIs to automatically structure the fields, values, and changes needed to provide a true Unified experience for those in each system.
    • Allowing users to maintain their WordPress sites/WooCommerce store, while admins are able to contain security and connectivity between requests from ServiceNow and the user.
    • Automated updates provide more accurate representation of your data and in turn less customer service questions
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ServicePress is a powerful ServiceNow application that can help businesses in a variety of industries to improve efficiency and productivity when managing WordPress sites and e-commerce stores. With its seamless integration with ServiceNow, ServicePress makes it easy to keep everything running smoothly, so you can focus on growing your business.

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