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ServicePress Release Version 2

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Certified for Releases Washington, Vancouver, and Utah

ServicePress Logo

ServicePress: Website/Content Management for WordPress Multisite Networks

Core WordPress Integration – ServiceNow Store Application

How long does it take to maintain one website? What about 10,000 websites? Managing a WordPress Network of Sites can have its challenges, but reporting and hashing out potential risks due to visibility should not be a problem. However, the reporting in WordPress does not provide the best User Experience for those admins. 

ServicePress addresses those points by tracking information to provide insight into which sites have what plugins installed and what version is active.

Example use cases (but not limited to):

  • Universities: Network Sites (Students, Faculty, Departments)
  • MSPs: Each Site can be setup for a different client, with specific users having access to each.
  • Publishing: Each published content is its own content. (Magazines, Newspapers)

Our goal is to reduce the manual labor spent managing WordPress sites and the Inventory between them. ServicePress connects WordPress, the world’s largest CMS platform, with the Enterprise Platform provided by ServiceNow! Whether using Single sites or WordPress MultiSite, we have it covered. We’ll provide insight into your imported post types, themes, plugins, core system, and more.

Key Features

Version 2 of ServicePress: Core WordPress Integration (extensions will be subsequent apps)

Website Management for WordPress. Automation via Flows and Subflows for modularity.

Manage Sites:

  • Core: Current and New Versions of WordPress
  • Users: Users, User Roles, ServiceNow Roles
  • Content: Posts, Pages, Comments, and allows for Custom Post Types
  • Themes and Plugins: Versioning, Install locations, install counts, activation status
  • Control what Sync is allowed per Site

Manage MultiSite Networks:

  • One Level Network
  • Multiple One Level Networks
  • Multiple Level Networks
  • Supports Subdomains and Subdirectories for each Network
  • Management for Networks

Integration Types: 

  • WordPress
  • ServicePress
  • Internal (ServiceNow Instance)
  • WordPress Core APIs
  • WordPress Plugin APIs
  • WordPress Theme APIs
  • Add your own Integration


  • One-click Install and Testing
  • Easily allow MID Clusters.
  • Sync Configuration Globally, Per Network, Per Site
  • Pre-Processing Hooks per site (more coming soon)
  • Meta Data for controlling secondary information


  • Multiple Dashboard tabs
  • Users’ Sites
  • Users’ Roles by Site
  • Post Type Counts by Site
  • Total Networks
  • Total Sites in Networks
  • Core Data: Statuses, Roles, and Post Types
  • and more.

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