How to manage Campus WordPress Networks

Managing TEN websites can be challenging; To remember which plugins are active on which sites; Which theme version is the latest one; What about 10,000 Websites on WordPress Networks? How can you maintain that at scale? Do you hire more employees or consultants to manage that information? Why not AUTOMATION and ANALYTICS?

The need for efficient solutions to streamline these processes becomes paramount. ServicePress, a groundbreaking integration of WordPress with ServiceNow, emerges as a beacon of innovation in the realm of website management. This dynamic solution is designed to address the complexities that arise when managing a large number of websites, offering a seamless blend of automation and analytics to transform the way you handle your online assets.

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Key Pains Solved for WordPress Networks

However you slice your WordPress data in ServiceNow, we have the ability to provide the analytics that is missing from the WordPress Admin side. Whether you need to access to:

  • WordPress Sites: Show a list of all sites, whether part of a MultiSite network or Single site.
    • Core Information: Most recent discovery, new version, , and more.
    • User References: Show a list of all users from each site, with their username and email address.
    • Plugins Active: Show a list of plugins by Status – Active, Network Active, and Inactive.
    • Themes Version: Show a list of themes by Status – Active, Network Active, and Inactive.
    • Requests by Users: Any request by a user, that is associated with a Site.
  • Knowledge Bases: Each site creates their own Knowledge base
    • Post Types: Posts, Pages, and any Custom Post Types in the system
    • Knowledge Articles: Each page will contain the article, additional information, and each version as part of the process
    • Comments: Knowledge Feedback will be included as part of the article
    • Categories: Each “Post” post type will be tied to the Post Category
Total Active Software by Site - WordPress Networks
Real Screenshots: Total Active Software by Site

Version Control: Which site contains which?

Below is a list of Active core version, plugins, and themes on a single site. Each site will have different version, total number of items for that site, and the total count installed for that version across the Network.

Total Active Software - Single Site - WordPress Networks
Real Screenshots: Total Active Software – Single Site

Below is a list ordered by the install count to see if there are any rogue installs of a version on the Network that was missed.

Total Software Counts - WordPress Networks
Real Screenshots: Total Software Counts
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Automation: The Key to Efficient Management

ServicePress leverages the power of automation to simplify the management of multiple WordPress sites. Gain centralized control over all your websites through a unified dashboard. No more hopping between sites; ServicePress provides a single point of access for comprehensive oversight.

Our goal is to reduce the manual efforts that expended on tedious tasks that can be done quicker or not at all, so your team can move onto more meaningful work. Instead of clicking through to each site, you have a dashboard full of reports that put everything right in front of you. There’s a lot of work to do, and time is a major factor in getting it done. Time is Money. Data is Both! Request a 30-Day Free Trial

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