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Are you a University with WordPress Multisite Networks? Do you have access to the security audit information to properly manage Thousands of Websites across Multiple Networks? ServicePress has you covered. How long does it take to maintain one website? What about 10,000 websites? While managing a Network of Sites can have its challenges, reporting and hashing out potential risks due to visibility should not be among them. Still, the reporting in WordPress does not provide the best User Experience for admins who are looking to address Customer Service as well.

Reduce Risk

  • Data/Network Breaches: Increased by 20% from 2022 to 2023
  • Their Content, Your Network, Your Problem. “With great power, comes great responsibility” – Stan Lee and others before
  • The main reasons can be system misconfiguration or new types of hacking tools, but at the end of the day, it is human error through Social Engineering.
  • Never trust your users…or if you do, keep an eye on their websites for Theme issues or Plugin flaws.

Be Fine, don’t pay a Fine

Top 20 Data Breach related fines paid by companies from 2012-2023

Top 20 Data Breaches
Top 20 data breach related Fines

Cost Savings

  • Reduce Human Interactions between systems to focus on more important tasks
  • More First Call Resolutions by having more information available to your Customer Service teams
  • Reporting effortlessly collected and provided in Exportable formats.
  • Security Audit Fines reduced for having awareness and addressing them quickly prior to an audit.

ServicePress addresses those points by tracking information to provide insight the needed information to a functioning large Network

Example use cases:

  • Universities: Network Sites (Students, Faculty, Departments)
  • MSPs: Each Site can be setup for a different client, with specific users having access to each.
  • Publishing: Each published content is its own content. (Magazines, Newspapers)

Our goal is to reduce the manual labor spent managing WordPress sites and the Inventory between them. ServicePress connects WordPress, the world’s largest CMS platform, with the Enterprise Platform provided by ServiceNow! We’ll provide insight into your imported data across all networks.

Educate ServiceNow on your University’s WordPress networks.

  • Plugin and Theme Versioning and Status
  • Users and Roles across WordPress Networks
  • Import Content from Post Types (Posts/Pages by default)
  • Sync thousands of WordPress sites into ServiceNow
  • and more

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