WordPress & WooCommerce Integration with ServiceNow

Sync WordPress Sites,
Manage Inventory Stock,
& Import Product Catalog


Manage Inventory

Import products from WordPress owned WooCommerce plugin and decrease stock purchased in ServiceNow. Sync Customers and Orders and Products, Woo My!


Sync Network Sites

Do you manage tens or hundreds of sites? Do you need to better monitor the changes of each site and content being sent over? ServicePress is here to address your needs!


Time to Value (TTV)

Easy to use and quickly prove out value in less than 1 hour. Install plugins on WordPress and ServiceNow, then request a new site on the Dashboard by filling out a basic form.

Our Industry Offerings

Current Use Cases for our app

Education and Universities

Education & Universities

As an educational institute, you may manage hundreds or thousands of sites. From student/faculty sites, to departments and sports. WordPress doesn’t manage that data properly for you to easily digest. ServicePress can help maintain that data with improved reporting and management.

Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage

Do you manage your product inventory in WooCommerce? For example, tracking your shipment of Cheese? Is the plane Wheels up? ServicePress uses the functionality of ServiceNow’s Procurement process, Asset Management, and Reporting to help you Shred your way to Grate-ness!

Planes and Trucks

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Livery services are now crowd sourced! Also, they are sourced from a crowd of people too. Track your deliveries through ServiceNow and manage your WordPress site to display the results.



From Farm to Database Table – Understand how your data expands as your crops do. Allow you to get back to farming and let ServicePress focus on informing your future. We use operators to protract this content, while you are content on being a pro-tractor operator!

Publishing Companies

Publishing Companies

Are you in Book Publishing or Media Publishing? Do you find your constantly needing to update each site? How do we improve this process? Via Automation


News Organizations

Report the news, not manage your sites. Approvals with scheduling are important to those who are moving at the speed our life moves at now. Combine all of your sites in one location.

Don’t see your Industry? Let us know!


Improve efficiency and management via automation

Process Automation

Reduce Mundane Tasks via Automation

Focus on the tasks that require an employee’s brain, not mindless work

Reallocate Employees

Reallocate Employees

Instead of hiring more employees, reallocate those users to something in which they will be better suited. Not because it is hard, because it is easy.

Unified Experience

Unified Experience

WordPress doesn’t offer you the reporting and data capture you need to manage thousands of sites. ServicePress helps address that gap and lets ServiceNow do the work!

Who We Are

As former PHP/WordPress developers who saw how powerful ServiceNow is, we developed an app that addresses both. Efficiency of ServiceNow along with the market share WordPress owns, makes this critical for success.

Our Vision

Find ways to improve access to data while not wasting time trying to find the information you are looking for. Implement the vision around Inventory and Content Management. Provide important data to all three systems.

Our Mission

Do LESS, Automate More! We want you to do less work that doesn’t benefit anyone, if those tasks are completed. Why not complete them sooner while gaining insight into your data. Data is more powerful than oil, for the future.

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