ServicePress: WordPress & WooCommerce Integration

Do you, Woo? WooCommerce that is!

Harmedia Studios is extremely proud to announce the version 1 release of ServicePress! Our first Certified ServiceNow application, we are launching as a dual integration, with both WordPress and WooCommerce (the WordPress owned eCommerce plugin).

Example industries and use cases (but not limited to):

  • Universities: Network Sites (Students, Faculty, Departments)
  • Wholesale/Retail: Existing Stores or Pop-up stores
  • Food/Beverage: Restaurants, Bakeries, Beverages
  • Media: Sport Leagues/Teams, News organizations
  • Advertising: Publishing and Marketing companies
  • Manufacturing: Mechanical Parts and online ordering

Our goal is to reduce the manual labor spent managing WordPress sites and the Inventory between them. ServicePress connects WordPress, the world’s largest CMS platform, with the enterprise Platform provided by ServiceNow! Whether using Single sites or WordPress MultiSite, we have it covered. We’ll provide insight into your imported post types, themes, plugins, and core system. We have also integrated with WooCommerce for eCommerce related businesses. You can create more than one store (SKU / Department) and manage inventory separately for each, as well as having WooCommerce MultiSite enabled. This version will allow you to track products, sync customers, place orders, and automatically reduce inventory in WooCommerce via Procurement and Stockroom/Vendor management. With a Time to Value (TTV) of less than 1 hour, we have automated the entire process.

Between COVID-19 effects, inflation, and Supply Chain issues, management of your inventory has been getting more complicated. ServicePress aims to reduce the load on your team, and focus on what you can palate pallet. ? ServicePress will help your organization by setting up Vendors from which you can purchase from or Stockrooms in which you can transfer the assets to in ServiceNow.

WordPress/WooCommerce: By the Numbers

WordPress: By the Numbers

  • Runs 43% of all websites on the internet
  • Powers 36% of top 1 million websites and 10% of top 10,000 websites
  • Offers over 50,000 plugins ServicePress could integrate with for enhancements
  • Averages 11% growth per year for the past decade

WooCommerce: By the Numbers

  • 2020 combined sales for WooCommerce stores amassed over $20 billion USD
  • 100% growth year over year from 2019-2020
  • Ranked 2nd with 23% market share of eCommerce platforms & 13% of all eCommerce sites
  • 6.3 million WooCommerce stores are live and downloaded 160+ million times

No matter which type of operation you run via WordPress (content and/or products), ServicePress will help drive the automation, while you can drive your assets and business.

If you are interested in a trial of or purchasing ServicePress and how the app can automate your WordPress data, reach out to ServicePress is a Harmedia Studios Brand ©

Harmedia Studios LLC is a Specialist ServiceNow Technology Partner developing applications for the ServiceNow Store. We have 20 years of experience in application development, and have been using ServiceNow to improve business processes for over 10 years. For more information on Harmedia Studios, please contact us at

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